Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 1 - Adventure Day!

Today marked Day 5 with little Miss Nike. It was also the first day she was home alone in her pen while I went to work (only a half day today but still.)

When I got home she was still in the pen, so that was a success. I think she was probably sleeping because she didn't start screaming right away when the rest of the dogs did. (They're a little excited when I get home and don't mind telling the world about exactly HOW excited they are!)

Today was also adventure day. Once a week I'm planning on taking Nike somewhere for a big adventure for socialization. Ideally we will do something every day, but once puppy class starts up I'm off the hook for 2 or 3 days a week depending how many classes I want to go to! After fearful Spencer I don't care if this is overkill - I'd rather over kill it than not kill it enough.

Today we went to Sunridge RONA. I have no problem with my almost 9 wk old puppy walking somewhere that isn't a dog centric environment, but we won't do pet stores etc until she's got the full set of puppy shots. Likewise, I'm not worried about agility trials with people I know, but some of the other agility places are a no go as well.

She was very brave. We went pee in the parking lot before heading over to see the sliding doors, which were a little worrisome at first. So we watched those and ate some cookies and finally walked through them. She's never really walked anywhere on leash before so this was quite the adventure in and of itself.

No sense of self preservation with the human feet. Not one ounce! So I have to be careful not to punt her as she squirrels around on the floor. Mostly we got the hang of staying to one side or the other of the feet. I'm glad I practiced this with the Chi's when they were babies who at least had some self preservation. It's just like falling off a bike ... or not punting the puppy!

We walked on a pallet and climbed on 2 carts to move lumber. One was solid but wiggled some and the other had a grill instead of being solid. Both were no problem!

We listened to people loading carts with hardwood floor. To the big saw running. To the squeaky bird noise over by the paint aisle. No worries about the noises, that's for sure.

We also met some people! A few worker people pet her and said Hi. We also met some friendly strangers who also said Hi and some people that we just walked past. She was very good with all of it. No repeat of the backing between my feet growling that we had at the airport when I first picked her up thank goodness. Not over the top mindlessly friendly meeting new people, but also not super reserved and suspicious of strangers. We're also doing well with defaulting in a sit looking at me when I stop moving (not that this is something I've actively worked on.)

Sadly we don't have any adventure pictures from RONA. Not that I mind looking crazy, but she doesn't hold still far enough away from me to get a picture. Enough to handle the puppy, without complicating it with a camera too.

Week 1 Adventures

Friday - Car rides to the pet store and back (didn't come in)
Saturday - E&D's house and met them, the kids and Fiona their dog
Sunday - Mom & Dad's - Met K and her kids as well as Sidney the parent's dog and saw E and kids again
Tuesday - Sunridge RONA - Recalls, Friendly Strangers/Noises and Leash Walking

Saturday - Discovered playing with Penny

Started playing with Toys

Met Fiona, who is 9

Played with new toys at Mon & Dad's after Sidney proved defective in the play department!
Learned to relax and sleep in her puppy pen. It's exhausting being a baby!

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