Saturday, August 5, 2017

Aaand ... Back!

I stopped blogging about stuff last August, so it's fitting that I start again in August, right?!

Stuff happened, but really, nothing has changed. Back this week from holidays in the 'Pass. 9 days of 30 degree heat, no smoke (from the crazy forest fires) and no work. It was great. Time to get stuff back on track and try turning over a "new leaf"so to speak.

1) Facebook is an EPIC time waste. STOP wasting so much time on it. Hence the blogging. Pictures can go here. Training stuff goes here - and really I don't share that stuff on FB anyway.

2) It's helpful to be able to look back on things. Nice to look back on things where I'm not as concerned about other people's reactions/thoughts.

3) STOP caring about what other people think. My dog - our journey. Was it what I thought it was going to be going in? Nope. But that is not the point, the point is getting to where I want to be.

Also, Survey Monkey for class improvement.

So. Journal the training with the dogs. Take pictures. Synopsis here - once a week.

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