Wednesday, October 14, 2015

September P'N'E Trial

One of my very favorite authors has a line he uses in most of his books about not handing the universe a line like that. An example would be saying "Could this day get any better?" (when everything is going wrong.) But it could also be saying "Wow, I'm glad that is done" (and then it won't be.)

Apparently I handed the universe a line like that with the last blog post, and while the Veterans class sure does have more time and needs less points - when you and your dog aren't quite connecting, it's not EZmode agility.

Good boys - pretty as a picture

Spencer was a rock star this trial!

I had happy, enthusiastic, best little black dog for our first 3 runs.

Jumpers rocked, he was fast and actually driving to obstacles. Challenge was also fast and happy, until he had a bobble at the weaves with having to sniff the pole. It was a weird issue, maybe another dog pee'd on them the day before? I also messed up his Challenge run after that, not making sure I had him with me when I said "Tunnel" - sending him into the wrong end. Like I did at Regionals. Something to work on, that.

He did great in Gamble, getting 2 minis and he would have had the main if his handler didn't assume he'd take a very flat angle jump (and I didn't support so he slid by it.)

Wasn't quite so "on" for the last run, Steeplechase. More weave sniffing and 3x restarts to get that right, which isn't like him. His weaves are one of his stronger obstacles - then he deke'd around a jump when I didn't babysit it.

So. No entering him in 4 runs a day. 3 is his max.

Baxter was AMPED for the first run, which was Jumpers. He just about bit a off course in the first 3 obstacles and then because I had to handle funny to save it, I was in the wrong place for the 4th obstacle, didn't blind like I wanted to and lost him to the off course "wrong" tunnel mouth. I'm happy with my choice to pretend that nothing went wrong though and keep "playing through."

Challenge was better, little more listening, but I have to really push him over flat jumps and I didn't, so again, despite the E we played through this too!

Gamble was good. 2x the same mini as Spencer, but he got sucked into the wrong tunnel mouth and then stayed in the tunnel vortex of doom for 2 or 3 repeats of the same tunnel. We need to practice this tunnel sending, and video it. Maybe body cues are messing him up and I am turning too much too fast before he's committed. At least he sent out, and he sent for the mini, so I'm happy with that.

By the time we were in Steeplechase he'd slowed down a bit. No single striding the weaves, and still wanting to drive lines. On the front cross after the frame to get him over the right jump he really tried to drive to the wrong one. Our connection was just a little off the whole weekend.

Also good boys - the bloopers (Baxter doesn't appreciate being that close to Spencer when he's barking)

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