Friday, June 5, 2015

Fullerton Loop - May 2015

It's been a month, but hey! At the beginning of May, we did our "usual" hike out in Kananaskis just to kick off the season.

Weather wasn't really the best that day, but at least by the time we were finished the loop the snow had all melted. I had thought we might be safe for snow, since we did wait until May to head out and the hike isn't very high up, but no dice it seems!

Well hello snow, did you miss the memo? It's spring!!

Such mucky dogs! Poor Baxter had dirt dreadlocks by the time we got home, and Spencer looked like he was pin stripped up his sides where the dirt and mud dried. Usually I can brush them out once they're dry and avoid having to bath them. Not this time! Had to take Baxter in to the actual dog wash - the kitchen sink wasn't cutting it!

SO dirty!

Maybe the trail was a *little* muddy ...

Good times, even when Baxter accidentally jumped in a slushy stream and ended up in freezing water up to his shoulders. Good thing he is mostly water proof. I figured it would be better to keep him moving and his muscles warm rather than head back to the car and worry about hypothermia etc.

Penny did come as well, but princess' don't do mud or snow and still look photogenic or happy. Mostly they look like they want to bite you, and the one cute group picture I had of the dogs didn't end up turning out. So no Penny pictures. She was there hiking away with us though!

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