Saturday, May 23, 2015

Small dogs, Big mountain

The dogs and I hiked Nihahi Ridge in Kananaskis Country on the long weekend with an agility friend and one of her friends.

In the hiking guide it was listed as "moderate." I, uh, think it was *maybe* a little more moderately strenuous, but we did manage to get up the ridge. Neither the dogs, nor I would have managed the scramble up to the summit, but that was okay. It was plenty high.

PLENTY high enough ...

It was actually pretty cold (not exactly a shock considering this is the May Long Weekend in the Rockies and it usually snows ...) After the switchback climb to the top of the meadow though, it sure seemed warm enough!

I didn't break out the camera much, too busy climbing and trying to breathe. There also wasn't a while lot of a view due to the low cloud ceiling and the blowing snow. At the top the Chi's got a lot of comments about how big of a hike it was for little dogs. They're dogs too!! (Penny got picked up in a couple places, but they did really well.)

Apparently it was too cold to look at the camera at the top of the ridge where the trail turns into a scramble up to the summit though ...

Camera? What Camera?!

So not looking at the camera
This is right. Right??

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