Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Opps! Better late than never ... Regionals Review

Alright. Well. Missed a couple of things in the past 4(ish) months? Heck, lets call it since the beginning of the year since I've posted anything decent to remember! So, because I've thought of it now; Regionals Review!

Hosted in Lethbridge this year. We went. Camped with family instead of hoteling it. It rained. A LOT. I discovered I hate the rain. I hate running in the rain and I hate trialing in the rain. The dogs don't like it either.

The rain and the cold were pretty hard on Spencer and his knee. The chiro appointment for him wasn't much easier than running in the rain. That poor chiro vet is never going to forget him.

We did okay. I dropped Spencer into 6" Specials for this year and still kept Baxter as a 6" Special as well. I'll move Baxter to 6" Vets this Jan after his birthday I think.

Both boys qualified to go to Nationals, but since I didn't miraculously win the lottery in the interim between Regionals and Nationals that didn't end up happening. Nationals was also the week we went on Vacation down to Farragut State Park again.

Regionals/Nationals Stats

2013 Regionals - 6" Specials - 448.50 points & 3 clean runs (no gambles)
2013 Nationals - 6" Specials - 439.44 points & 2 clean runs (no gambles)
2014 Regionals - 6" Specials - 405.79 points & 3 clean runs (no gambles)

2013 Regionals - 10" Regular - 398.46 points & 2 clean runs (no gambles)
2013 Nationals - 10" Regular - 419.25 points & 3 clean runs (no gambles)
2014 Regionals - 6" Specials - 434.79 points & 3 clean runs (no gambles)

Spencer ended up placing second this year, while Baxter came in third due to some silly handler errors.

Don't get me wrong. I am happy to have played with the boys. I'm just a little sad that Baxter would NOT send out to a single thing and got scores of 24 & 26 points in the gamble openings.  Those wouldn't even get us a Q at a regular trial, even if he got the final. It's a little disappointing. Practiced, did really well at the warm up trial before Regionals and then to struggle like that at Regionals. Ahh well, maybe the shit weather threw him off?

A little disappointed in myself for messing up his first standard run as well. It was down the dogwalk and then flip away into the tunnel under the dog walk, and we did it great. Until I called him and he came back out of the tunnel and stepped on the dog walk on the way over. For 20 faults. Turning what would have been a 130 point run into a 80 point one.

Baxter was doing so well, then not to sure what has happened. Some issues with a constant allergy battle this season. He's just getting a little older and a little slower since he isn't really built for the game.

Spencer was a good little dog and tried for me. Weather doesn't help his leg. Walking on 3 legs doesn't help us trial. Maybe I'll just carry him everywhere, like what someone else does with that poodle with the crappy patellas.

Baxter's Photos! (by Paws on the Run)

Spencer's Photos! (by Paws on the Run)

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