Monday, September 29, 2014

Josaphine Falls & Lilly Lake

Down river
Josaphine Falls

From our hike to Josaphine Falls and then Lilly Lake near Elkford BC. A gentleman ended up at the trail head the same time we did, he had been down to the information center first and they warned of bear activity in the area. He wasn't going to hike because of it. As we were a large group (5 adults and 4 dogs) we did the hike anyway. Didn't see any bears, but we were a little worried walking through all the berry patches!

The dogs were a little sad that they had to stay on leash for this hike, but I wasn't chancing them taking off after a bear, or dragging one back to the group.

 Lilly Lake

 Elkford lookout point

Fireweed. We did this hike late Aug/early Sept - I want to do it earlier next year when this is really in bloom. It's amazing. Apparently Fireweed only grows where there has been a fire. Sure makes the clear cut areas look WAY better.

Lilly Lake


From the blooper reel. Poor Penny, just not the most photogenic dog. It's usually her that is an issue in my group photos. From eyes shut, to looking in the wrong place, to odd placement of the dogs. Ahh Peeper!

Hey. You! Over here dog.
I didn't quite mean sit like that ...

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