Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's a dogs life

 It's a hard life being a dog!

Busy weekend and LONG day. We're all tired out.

First flyball practice for Spencer and strange teeter practice as well at our last practice at Dignified Dogs. Both of which went well. He's finally mastered the box turn picking up the ball. It's been a lot of baby steps and its nice to see it come together. He was also able to run with the heater blowing on him, which is a huge deal for him.

Then agility practice out at Wet Creek. 

Baxter was nailing his hard, fast, nasty weave entries and not popping, so I'm just not sure what the melt down was at the trial last weekend. We were doing 2 sets of 6 today instead of 1 set of 12, but he was consistently popping on the 3rd pole at the trial, so who knows.

Somehow the "barn" dog walk has broken, so no running contact practice today. Hopefully it'll be replaced and just not left that way. The dog walk is kind of important to my training plans!

More teeters and chutes for Spencer. Performance is a little hit and miss. Teeter isn't bad, but he is a little concerned about the drop and rocks back once it starts to pivot. Chutes is the same thing. He'll do fine and then refuse it again for no apparent reason.

Winter is hard, especially when training agility so we're going back to the basics and going to focus on little obstacle drills and enthusiasm instead of sequencing. Easy stuff. One jump drills, flat work for crosses and handling. Not too much to give them a bit of a break for the winter, but with walks being difficult with the snow and the naked dogs I need to do something physical with them to keep them in shape for the winter!

OMG I found this toy for you, play with me!

Me too! Don't worry about Penny, she doesn't want any!

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