Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Snip Snip

No no, the boys are both already neutered, I'm talking hair cuts here!

Baxter has been to a actual groomer only once in his life. That was back when he was the parents dog. Thank god he was a puppy then and all she did was bath him and tidy his feet. My Mom is in Bichon/Shih Tzu mode when it comes to getting a dog groomed, which means shave em. In her world 3/4" of hair is REALLY long.

Once upon a time when we went camping for the summer he was "shaved" so he wouldn't be so hot. Since he is double coated, this was a terrible plan. This picture doesn't do justice to how terrible he looked. No more brown fur with black tipping, he was just grey. And the coat was so rough you didn't want to pet him. Thankfully it was only hair, and it grows back. Never again will he be shaved!

With the "summer" (if it would stop raining ...) officially here, Baxter is getting a wee bit warm so it was time for a hair cut. I usually shave his tummy too since it's hidden, so he can cool down faster.  This will be our first time running in outdoor summer trials and I'm concerned how he'll handle the heat.

He looked a bit like a scraggle too, so now he's pretty and tidy. I try pretty hard to make him look good, like he was professionally done instead of like someone attacked him with a clipper or some scissors. What do you think?

Of course now he looks less like a Tibby (Tibetan Spaniel) than ever, so I'll probably wait for his coat to grow back out before I take the pictures for his PEN application. Still, they don't look too different, do they?

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