Friday, May 25, 2012

Replacement Baxter

When Baxter came to live with me, my parents had to get a replacement new puppy - meet Sidney! She's a Bichon Shih Tzu thing. Yes, that's a technical term. She's not even a "pure bred" Bichon Shih Tzu thing. She's got super thin Yorkie fur and the woman who bred her did that 3 way cross too - however she guarantees that there is only Bichon and Shih Tzu in Sid (uh huh.)

Sid's a little special, but Baxter plays nice with her. It's like how he plays with his squeaky toys by himself, rolling around on them!

Usually Sidney goes to my sisters house for "baby sitting" when someone can't get home on time (we all live pretty close together.) However the other day she got to come home with me. She thought it was great until she saw the cat. Who admittedly is a rotten cat, but he's dog friendly. If 8 lb Penny can push him around 15 lb Sidney should be fine, right? Not quite.

Couch snipers - they miss nothing!

Sid ended up following Penny around hiding from the cat, in sneaky places like on the back of the couch. Watching for things to bark at out the window distracted her from the impending doom of death by kitty.

Sebastian was distracted too. He was busy trying to get into the pantry. Did I mention that he is all kinds of trouble?

If you want a calm, quiet cat - do not get a Devon Rex. I can't sit down to eat without a purring white fluff (fungus?!) trying to attach itself to my shoulder. He is so food obsessed that I really should clicker train him to do something, but as soon as I pull the clicker and food out I have 3 other hopeful faces looking for a handout opportunity to earn cookies.

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