Sunday, February 14, 2016

One Month (and 12 weeks)

Time flies. I've had Nike for a month now, and things are starting to fall back into place and come together. She's 12 weeks old now.

Penny is pretty okay with her, but wishes she'd stop playing so rough now. The boys are slowly starting to accept her and tolerate her better. Once she's got her shots and we can go run off leash I hope she and Spence will discover that they can play chase and that should cement a friendship. 

12 weeks. I need to figure out a better way to stack her!

She's grown like a weed and is now (visually) taller than the other dogs. It may just be puppy fluff, but she looks larger than Spencer already!

She's not a fan of being contained in the xpen - especially since she can't get to the other dogs. However, she is fine kenneled. So she's been coming to work with me and just staying kenneled in the car. That way I can play with her at lunch/feed her lunch and I play with her at the end of the day before we drive home too. So far with the mild weather this has worked great. In the summer I really hope she'll stay quiet in her kennel so I can continue to bring her (it'll be too hot to crate out of the car all the time, but if she's quiet no one cares if she's in the office.)

Self stacked(ish) 12.5 weeks
She is still a very confident little thing.

At puppy play time on Thurs she figured out bullying with a worried Coton. He was a lot of fun. If you bounced at him, he'd run away and you could grab a mouthful of his fur and play tug with him ...

It was also the first day for a 11 week old Mini Aussie. He was twice the size of her! Pretty little black tri with a much nicer head than she has. It was quite funny to watch her gravitate to him.

Finally she ended up having a great game of bitey-face with an older Corgi puppy. It was pretty cute.

This past week she's made appearances at agility since she now has 2 sets of shots and I am slightly less paranoid. With all the melting and dog poop everywhere we haven't been out walking or socializing much and I wanted to work on that, especially since one of her sisters is having some issues with people.

On Tues she came to TA and hung out/ did some shaping in between my runs with the boys. She did really well with both and generalized to working in a new environment. She's not always keen on being touched by strangers. I'm not sure if that is just reserve or if it is just because strange people have no value to her and she is rewarded for turning back to me. Regardless, strangers now feed cookies for the time being. 

I'm not too worried about people having more attraction than I do - what I am concerned about right now is her vacuuming food off the floor at puppy play time (I keep having visions of Penny.)

Pretty puppy profile

She's got "blushing" coming in on her cheeks!

Yesterday I took her to an agility trial to socialize as well. We met many more people and ate lots of cookies. She was very brave and outgoing. Such a fun little puppy!

First time in a comfort flex harness, she fits Penny's harness without any adjustments now. She's also graduated to a "real dog" collar. The tiny puppy collar was too hard to find in her fur and since loose leash walking isn't a thing yet I was worried about how thin the collar is on her neck/trachea with pulling and bouncing like a crazy thing. I will say that I am pretty proud of myself for not buying any new collars/leashes or harnesses for her (yet.) I have so many old ones she can wear those until she stops growing so much!

Crazy? Who, me??


 She did great at the agility trial as well. Met people. Heard noises. Learned to focus on me in this environment too. Did some more shaping. Met a friend's Kelpie puppy who is a week older than she is. Met another friend's Shetland "pony" (17.5" Sheltie.) She thought he was great fun despite the size difference. She is very much a rough and tumble little puppy! We worked on calling out of play (with cookies in front of her nose, but still) Had some moments of brilliance where she thought about leaving but didn't. Good girl!

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