Saturday, May 10, 2014

And We're Back

Life, 2 jobs and 3 dogs can get a little crazy and stressful, so blogging falls a little by the wayside.

But, we're back.

It's been some interesting times.

Our awesome trainer Kim & HyperHounds moved to Kelowna in April. So we're working on finding a new agility alternative.

Baxter's been in to the emergency vet twice in 2 months. In March we went in after he was vomiting for a little over 24 hours after stealing a lick of salsa off the coffee table. Not sure if the salsa was the culprit or what the deal was, but it ended up not being the obstruction that I was afraid it might have been.

Then 2 weeks ago it was for the eyes. They were watery and sore looking for the Olds Trial, little bit of green discharge but super sore looking where the whites were all red and bothering him a lot. Again, nothing really conclusive as the culprit. His eyes were good, no scratches etc. but ears were hot irritated as well. Maybe seasonal allergies or just allergies period, so some eye drops to help with the irritation and some benadryl for 5 days.

Baxter also came up lame on Saturday at the Olds trial, April 19 & 20. Knocked the first bar in the first run (Jumpers) and then when we were walking after the run I noticed him limping a little on his front left. So that was it for him for the day. Seems to be a shoulder/muscle thing, not a foot thing. So we're going in to physio to get that looked at. (Same/similar issue that I took him to a chiro vet to have looked at last May and was told his front end was fine, uh huh.) Sunday he seemed fine, so I let him run and he still looked fine at the end of the day.

Spencer's first day at Olds was great, he was happy and a little more confident. Fun times - which is what I am working on with him. Confidence.

On Sunday however they turned Steeplechase into a fund raiser for an agility friend who was doing Shave for the Brave. Which is totally awesome. However, the runs were to music and while setting up the PA system for it there was a lot of really loud popping noises. I didn't notice quick enough that it was upsetting Spencer since he was in his kennel. He wouldn't come out of the kennel, so I had to pull him out and carry him out and bench him in the car. He wouldn't even walk once we were in the parking lot, just was a puddle of terrified on the ground. Completely shut down.

I pulled Spencer from Steeplechase (Baxter ran fine and he's the one who has some mild noise issues at home with fireworks and thunder) but for his remaining 2 runs Spencer was distracted, stressed and not into playing the game at all. Couldn't get him to do his bounce or bark tricks that help improve his attitude. Nothing. He looked bad enough in the final Jumpers run that the Judge actually came over after the run to talk to me about his skipping/knee issue.

This sums up how life feels right now.
Mostly right, some extra junk cluttering stuff up and something always going wrong.

So lately agility has been all about the stress and not so much about the fun. Or at least I'm struggling with focusing on the fun stuff.

Baxter forgot how to weave in Olds. After working on his contacts all winter he LAUNCHED his DW contact from about 1/2 way down the plank on Sunday (yep, that'll definitely help those front end issues ...) Wet Creek flooded for 2 months, so no practice there. Snow JUST quit falling (it's May and there was snow on the ground last week) to open up Wet Noses for practice. No agility classes until I find another trainer/group I want to work with. Worried about Spencer's knee more now after the last trial. Spencer's behavioral issues have been problematic lately, so worried about him and his fearfulness - which doesn't help his stress and fear either I'm sure.

Yep. Just a little stressed about the dogs and dog sports in general lately.

Not really a play bow - captured mid "bark" trick. This is my little dog!
My happy, sassy, bad little black dog, not all cringing and terrified =(

Positive first post back after a hiatus right?!? But on the bright side, it can only get better from here.

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