Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fluff vs Squiggles

Sidney (aka Squiggles) is my parent's dog that they got to replace Baxter after I kidnapped him that fateful long weekend some years ago. She isn't the easiest little dog to get pictures of, but these didn't turn out half bad. There is more about Sid in Replacement Baxter. But really, you can't just replace Baxter, he is irreplaceable!

I don't mind Shih Tzu crosses, although I will probably not own one. My childhood dog growing up was a sweet Shih Tzu mix with a little smush face. He was cute when his fur was longer and he looked like a teddy bear - he was less cute when shaved bald like a rat with a fluffy tail. Calvin was a good little dog. Sid isn't quite my idea of cute, but she has a good heart and is a friendly little thing when she stops alarm barking at it.

In the end, I think my parents (or at least my Mother) is happier with this deal. Baxter sheds, Sid doesn't. Mom hates fur!

Full Frontal ... 

Tongue shot!

Little faces

I love my goofy Fluff!

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