Saturday, August 10, 2013

2013 AAC National Agility Championships - Part 1 The Trip

You know the feeling. The on you get when you're in the car
on the top of the rollercoaster, tettering on the brink after that big climb, about to drop. The fluttering butterflies in your stomach, no turning back now, OMG here we go - what was I thinking!?!!? That feeling?

That's AAC Nationals. Here we go!!!

At William F. Lede Park

You jam pack everything but the kitchen sink into your little car, and answer the incredulous "You're taking that?" with a confident "Yes!" Once there is no more space, you know you're done! Or at least you'd better be done. Hopefully there is still room left for the dogs.

Then you're ready to road trip up to Casa-de-Luxury where you'll be living for the next 5 days! (or at least sleeping) On a side note, I went with a motel this time to see if the dogs are quieter. We were actually able to sleep at night, without waking up barking at noises and doors slamming - so luxury or not, staying at this place was a good plan.

Then you hit the trial site to set up home sweet home thanks to some awesome agility friends who were kind enough to lend it to you (as well as their wagon and more shade tarps!)

One evening before we left the site.
It got cooler so the dogs went together in the fabric x-pen with blankets and the shade tarps went into kennels so they couldn't fly away if there was a issue at night!

It was the AAC's 25th Anniversary, so there was a cool agility cake at the banquet on Friday night.

Agility Cake for AAC's 25th Anniversary


  1. OMG what did you take with you? your car is packed! Congrats on your results!

  2. Thanks Kathy!=)

    I took everything but the kitchen sink, well not quite - but 3 collapsible kennels and a fabric xpen, 1 chi size hard sided kennel (Penny breaks out if she's alone) 2 shade cloths, costco wagon, costco 10'x10' shade tent, small backup shade tent, suitcase with everything for me, cooler with dog food and a couple of things for me. Box of food/drinks for me. Folding chair. 2 more boxes of dog stuff (cool coat, back on track coat, cool mat, blanket, toys, fan, treats, regular leashes, flexi leashes, agility leashes.) Sunscreen, bug repellent, dog bug repellent, the list goes on. It was crazy!

    I was really trying to take less stuff, but then I was worried I might need it and then have to buy it which would be silly because I had it at home.